Thinking outside the cell

Thinking Outside the Cell” series of Community Conversations

The topic for the winter series of Community Conversations was inspired by the publication of the Chief Scientist’s report “Using evidence to build a better justice system”. It challenged some of our ideas- Did you know that the crime rate is actually dropping – not rising-  as you might think from media reports? So we started on a journey to find people who knew what they were talking about to talk to us.

Kim Workman is a person who has been involved in the Justice system for years as Head of the Prison Service from 1989 – 1993 and in advisory and other roles since then. He has received many honours for his work and expertise, including Honorary Doctorates from Victoria and Massey Universities and this year he was awarded Senior New Zealander of the Year. He has agreed to come to Auckland from his Wellington base to open the series on August 4.

He will also speak at Mairangi Castor Bays Presbyterian Church at 10 am on Sunday 5 August. Anyone is welcome.

Colin Rose, A Torbay resident, was Area Manager for Community Probation in Waitemata in 2012 and has been involved in “Restorative Justice” more recently. The North Shore Court is one of the Auckland courts from which the restorative justice group get referrals. (August 11)

Alistair Houston is the Service Manager for “Family Works” whose North Shore team operates out of Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Church facilities. They deliver a parenting programme at Auckland Prison (Paremoremo) to some of the men there. This is an attempt to break the intergenerational cycle of neglect and crime (August 18)

The final speaker is Mike Williams from the Howard League and he will talk about the programmes their volunteers run, including those at Auckland Prison, to assist prisoners with integrating back into society. Many prisoners lack a driver’s licence and the literacy skills to get one. Mike will talk about what the League is doing in these and other areas.(August 25)

Come and be part of the conversations on the Saturdays in August 12.30-2.00 pm at the Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Hall (vehicle entrance by 10 Penzance Road) There will be a bowl of soup and roll to keep you warm. The suggested donation is $10.00 a session but any donation towards expenses is welcome.

Erica Brash,

Convenor Church and Community Committee

Mairangi Castor Bays Presbyterian Church

Prison Series Poster Final