Dorille Shadbolt is the Convenor of Fellowship Committee

Dorille is originally a Zimbabwean, who moved to NZ in 2001 with her husband, John. She trained in Social Work and Human Resources in South Africa and then went on to work in Human Resources, including having her own Human Resources Consultancy business for 14 years. She has undertaken work in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya and Swaziland. Dorille was active in the Rotary Club in Zimbabwe and was also a Council member for the Zimbabwe Institute of Human Resources. Dorille has worked in Human Resources since arriving in NZ and is currently the Global Human Resources Manager for B2BE.

This is Dorille’s second term on the Parish Council and she has been a member of the Church since 2002. Dorille is Convenor of the Fellowship Committee (which provides fellowship activities and functions) as well as a member of the Worship Committee. She is currently a member of the National Assessment Workgroup (NAW) which is responsible for assessing ministerial candidates for the Presbyterian Church. Dorille is a part of the Welcoming Team as well as on the Tea Roster for many years.